Learn Spanish in Marbella

Marbella is one of the most visited coastal cities of the Costa del Sol. The popularity is very easy to understand because of the climate. You can learn Spanish in Marbella throughout the whole year. The coast is very famous among tourists but that is not the only thing the city has to offer. The city center and the harbor are also beautiful parts of the city. It is possible to follow Spanish lessons in Marbella in a lot of places. By choosing one of the places which you like most, you can explorer the city at your own pace by your own preferences.

The most beautiful places to learn Spanish in Marbella

The city is known for attracting wealthy tourists, but there is much more than just the luxury. While studying Spanish in Marbella you can see a lot of historical and tourist attractions.

Plaza de los Naranjos is the most famous square of the historical city center and is known for the white houses around the square. Puerto Banus is another must see if you learn Spanish in Marbella.

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