Learn Spanish in Malaga

Malaga is the capital city of the province Malaga. This city is located in Andalusia, the most southern part of Spain. Andalusia is the region of Flamenco, the classic Spanish dance. This dance characterizes Malaga: happy, romantic and wonderful. Through the whole city, you can watch flamenco shows. Besides the prepared shows, these can also occur spontaneously and improvised. Malaga is a very popular city to visit due to variety of the beautiful old town and the many beaches. The city counts around 15 beaches which is nice, because there are many sunny days in Malaga. Do you already know that Malaga counts more than 320 sunny days? Not only during the summer, but also during winter. When you learn Spanish in Malaga, you can discover the city center or go to the beach after you have finished your Spanish language course class. The perfect combination of studying and enjoying.

Learn Spanish in Malaga and take Spanish lessons

There are a lot Spanish schools you can take a Spanish class in Spain. Learn Spanish in Malaga and take Spanish lessons, because this city has got a lot nice Spanish courses Spain. Every school has got multiple locations in the city. You can choose to follow a Spanish language course in the heart of the city, or you can decide to learn Spanish close to the beach. The city is easy to travel and you can discover it by foot, bike or public transport. Depending on your own preferences, you can choose a school that suits you the best.

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