Exam-preparation Mallorca

While you’re doing a Spanish course in Mallorca there will also be an exam. This is to test how far you are with your Spanish and if your level of Spanish has grown during your time in Mallorca. Before the exam there will be exam-preparation Mallorca as well. You’ll get lessons that are focused on the specific subjects you’ll get on your exam.

Get a good result with the Exam-preparation Mallorca

The exam-preparation Mallorca is focused on what subjects you’ll get on the final exam. You’ll make test exams and with the results of the test exams you have a good insight on how much you know and what subjects you need to spend more time on. You can study and practise with your classmates or with your teacher. The exam-preparation is very important and it will help you get a good result on the exam. Your hard work will definitely pay off.

Intensive course + DELE Preparation 2:1

This programme combines an Intensive Spanish course (20h/week) with 10 hours a week of two-to-one classes focus on preparing the students to take the DELE exams. Students are given access to past papers and have the opportunity to develop and practice specific exam techniques. Upon completion of a level test, we will advise students which level of the exam we think they should register for in order to ensure a successful outcome. You'll find more information about the DELE exams at: http://diplomas.cervantes.es

10 students per class

Course type: Exam preparation course

Hours/week: 30

55 minutes per lesson



Hours total


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International House Palma established in 1987 in the centre of the city. It is one of the Balearic Islands’ most prestigious language schools. Our Spanish courses are taught by a team of specialis

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Instituto Cervantes


Intensive course + DELE Preparation 2:1, Exam preparation course

Minimum price per week for this course

30 hours

from 460,00 €

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€3.680,00 course price

240 hours total

55 minutes per class

8 weeks

30 hours/week

€15,33 price/lesson