Learn Spanish in Cadiz

Learn Spanish in Cadiz and you will learn Spanish in the oldest city of Spain. The city is located in Andalusia and has around 120.000 inhabitants. The city has a great history and doesn’t attract the same amount of tourists as other cities in Spain. When you learn Spanish in Cadiz you will get in toch with the locals and that will help you to learn the language as fast as possible. Because of the southern location of the city, there is a very pleasant climate that makes it possible to enjoy the city or the beach after your Spanish lessons.

Discover ‘’Little Havana’’ while you learn Spanish in Cadiz

Even though Cadiz isn’t one of the most touristic places of Spain, it is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. You will have all the possibilities to get to know the city while you learn Spanish in Cadiz. The city is also called ‘’Little Havana’’ because of the many comparisons with Havana, the capital of Cuba. If you follow Spanish lessons in Cadiz you will learn Spanish and enjoy this beautiful Spanish city.

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