Bailen, 5
48003 Bilbao Vizcaya

Instituto Hemingway

Instituto Hemingway is a superior language school, accredited by several prestigious organizations including the renowned Instituto Cervantes. Instituto Hemingway is located in central Bilbao next to Casco Viejo where we offer our students an extensive range of Spanish courses. In addition to classes we offer our complimentary Cultural and Social Activities Course which includes 10 extra hours of activities per week. Instituto Hemingway also offers accommodations at a great value. Our accommodations provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for students and are checked regularly by Instituto Hemingway accommodation advisors to ensure high standards are maintained.

Principal Spanish course 20 hours

The majority of our students choose the Intensive Spanish Course as it offers them the right balance between classroom study, self-study and of course enough free time to explore Bilbao in all its beauty. This course is the perfect recipe for fast results since classes are taught at a quick pace and of course completely in Spanish - so you are immersed in the language from your very first step into the classroom! It´s an excellent teaching technique that actively engages you in what you learn, making it a lot easier to memorise. We meet for four class a day, where we work on improving your communication skills, widening vocabulary, learning useful phrases and practicing grammar, whilst getting to know each other better, every day.

10 students per class

Type: General course

Hours/week: 20

Enrollment fee: +60€



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Instituto Cervantes




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We offer free leisure and cultural activities Monday to Friday

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