Terms & Conditions

Suspanish is an online platform that allows one to compare different language schools in Spain, their prices, courses, locations, activities, and additional services that are related to these language schools. In the remainder of these terms and conditions Suspanish can be named ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘ours’, ‘her’, and ‘hers’. The user of the platform will be referred to as ‘visitor’ or ‘customer’.

These terms and conditions can be altered periodically and if they do, it will be published immediately after this alteration on the website of Suspanish. Any adjustments made will affect all our services and other possible channels where these services are offered.

By using our website, on any device or by any means, you agree to these terms & conditions and you declare that you have read and understand them completely. This also applies to our privacy policy and cookie policy.

1.  Services offered

1.1.  Suspanish offers visitors of her website the possibility to compare language schools that are available in her network. After the comparison, a definitive choice can be made as to which school fits the visitor the most.

1.2.  The visitor has the possibility to perform the actual booking through a registration form on the website of Suspanish. Suspanish facilitates the booking possibility on its website but the actual booking shall be registered by the language school and not by Suspanish. Therefore, the agreement will be between the visitor and the language school, not between the visitor and Suspanish.

1.3.  By a booking made through the website of Suspanish, the customer also agrees with any terms and conditions of this language school.

1.4.  For any claims whatsoever, the customer is directed towards the language school in question, including any queries regarding the booking itself. Suspanish only acts as a platform to search, compare and give the possibility to book a course at one of the language schools. The actual registration of the booking is done by the language school, not by Suspanish.

1.5.  The online service of Suspanish is exclusively meant for personal, private and non-commercial use. Because of this, it is not allowed to sell, audit (by means of spider/scrape), reproduce, Deeplink, copy, show or download or use by any means the information, software, products or services presented on the online platform of Suspanish.

2.  Prices

2.1.  The rates on the website of Suspanish are very competitive. They are based on the type of course that is selected, the number of hours per week, how many weeks, accommodation or not and of course which language school offers the package. Prices shown are including VAT and any additional taxes, unless explicitly mentioned.

3.  Liability

3.1.  Suspanish cannot be held liable for any deficiencies with regard to the quality, completeness, reliability, authenticity or credibility of the information about language schools on the online comparison platform.

3.2.  With regards to performing a booking, no advice will be given by Suspanish. We solely provide the necessary information to reach a decision.

3.3.  Since Suspanish only facilitates the booking possibility, but is not a party when an actual booking is performed (this establishes an agreement between the language school and the customer), Suspanish cannot be held liable if one of the parties fail to meet their obligations. Terms and conditions of the language school apply in this case.

3.4.  Suspanish cannot guarantee the correctness of the information presented with regard to prices, descriptions and other information. This content is provided by the language schools and is checked to our best ability but this does not reach the point at which we can provide guarantees.

3.5.  Hyperlinks, banners, information on schools and accommodation and any other form of information solely has the purpose of informing visitors of the online platform. It is in no way any kind of recommendation or content of Suspanish.

3.6.  Suspanish cannot be held liable for any defects to the online platform caused by circumstances that cannot be controlled. Suspanish can only be held liable for purposeful acts with harming intentions made by legal entities authorized to perform actions on behalf of Suspanish.

3.7.  Suspanish does not guarantee continuous availability of the information on her website and retains the right to temporarily shut the website down in order to perform maintenance or other necessary actions.

3.8.  Obvious mistakes or typographic errors are never binding, in the case that such an error is found the customer will be informed as soon as possible.

4.  Privacy

4.1.  Suspanish values the privacy of her visitors. Detailed information can be found in our privacy policy and cookie policy.

5.  Our service

5.1.  The service provided by Suspanish is entirely free for our visitors. No mediation cost will be charged.

6.  Payment

6.1.  Payments will be made directly to the language school. Any conditions with regards to restitution, payment in advance, payment afterwards and to the methods of payment (creditcard, paypal, wire transfer, cash etc) will be in line with the conditions of the language school. Therefore, any liability concerning these aspects lie with the language school.

6.2.  In the event of fraud regarding any payments made, the language school must be informed, as the payment is directed to them. Also your personal bank in this matter should be contacted. Suspanish does not have access to the data regarding these financial transactions.

7.  Cancellation

7.1.  By performing an actual booking you agree to the terms and conditions that the language school has regarding cancellation.

8.  Others

8.1.  The original version of these terms and conditions written in Dutch has been translated to other languages. Possible differences in interpretation of these terms and conditions due to misleading formulation of phrases are solved by the fact that the original Dutch version is leading. Thus, rights can only be derived from the original Dutch version.

9.  Alterations in the Terms and Conditions

9.1.  The terms and conditions as published on the website of Suspanish during the visit of this website are applicable at that moment. Possible alterations in these terms and conditions will become applicable when the altered version of the terms and conditions are published on the website of Suspanish.

10.  Law applicable

10.1.  Applicable law to these terms and conditions in light of compliance and conservation is the Spanish law. Place of jurisdiction is the same as where the main office of Suspanish is situated, Valencia.