How to choose the right course

The right course choice is a heterogeneous concept. We are certain that every person has a different idea of what the perfect course is for them. In just a few small steps, our website allows you to book a course specifically suited to your unique needs.

The City

Firstly, you choose the city where you would like to follow your course. There are many arguments and stories that can influence your choice of city but our advice is simple... choose the city that you like the most!

In all of the cities offered on our website, there is a rich supply of language schools. Alongside following your course, you will have plenty of free time to explore the culture, meet people and to do things you like to do. Therefore, think about where your interests lie and what you really like about Spain. Some cities offer beautiful beaches whilst others offer culture and architecture. To find out more about the different cities in Spain, take a look at our blog.

The duration

The second important choice you have is deciding on the length of your course. Again, this is completely dependent on your wishes. If you are a complete beginner to Spanish, you will probably need longer to grasp a good command of the language than someone that has already studied Spanish. Think about what your goal is and how long you would like to stay in Spain. Using our filter, you can easily compare different durations. The general rule of thumb is that one needs a full-time course of around 4 weeks to move up one level.

The type of course

The courses are divided into category types to make the choice as specific to the particular needs as possible.

General course

The most chosen course for all levels is the General course. During this course, all the necessary language skills are covered: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Within General course, you can find courses ranging from 4 hours of tuition per week to 30 hours per week and find the most complete courses to help develop your Spanish.

Exam preparation course

The exam preparation course includes training and preparing for examinations. This type of course is ideal for preparation of DELE examinations- the official certification for Spanish as a second language, and specific courses for this can be found here. Courses for preparation of University entrance examinations and other similar examinations are also present here. More information on the specific content of each course can be found in the descriptions.

Special course

This category consists of courses that meet very specific requirements. They can provide a combination between the language course and particular activities such as cooking or sailing. If you have very specific needs combining your course with other activities, the special course is the most appropriate type for you.

Holiday course

Holiday courses usually take place in the summer months. This type combines studying and vacation. For students looking for an alternative vacation during the summer months or those looking for a combination of study and fun activities, this is the course for you!

The school

Every school offered on our website has its own unique qualities. Using the information provided on our website, you can make an informed decision about which school best suits you. Take a look at where schools are located, the reviews, activities offered and price, to help you decide which school fits you best.