What is Suspanish?

Suspanish is an independent online platform that allows users to search for, compare and book their ideal Spanish language course with just a few clicks of the mouse. With an extensive offering of language schools throughout Spain and an intelligent search system, Suspanish aims to optimally match student with school. 

How does Suspanish work?

The website of Suspanish is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to book a language course in Spain, meeting all your individual needs. In a few easy steps, you can search, compare and book your perfect language course.

Firstly, you choose the specific city in which you would like to study, or alternatively choose to see all available cities. Next, using our extensive filter, you can search for schools and courses that meet your needs. With our comparison tool, you are able to compare your selected schools, helping you come to a final decision.

The actual booking of your selected course is fast and easy via our website and is placed directly with your chosen language school. We do not charge you anything for booking with us and there are no down payments required with us whatsoever. You pay the language school only for your course, not Suspanish. Suspanish is there for you, making it easy for you to find, compare and book language courses in Spain.

Why book with Suspanish?

Suspanish is the only independent platform where you can find your perfect language course. We provide an overview of most schools and courses in Spain. This means you are sure to find a course suited to you. Because we hold partnerships with all schools listed on our site, we can ensure the lowest possible prices are offered to you.

Will I be charged a booking fee?

No! If you book a language course through Suspanish, you will not be charged a booking fee. You only pay the price of the course stated directly to the language school.

Is it possible to book activities using our website?

If you want to take part in other (social) activities alongside your language course, you will be informed of the program by your language school. Your specific school will inform you of how you can sign up for other activities and if any additional costs will be incurred. On the website of Suspanish you can see which activities the language schools offer.

Where is Suspanish based?

We are based in Valencia; however, we operate over the whole of Spain and have language school partners in various cities. 

How does the booking process work?

If you’ve found your ideal course you can book quickly and safely using our website. After you have clicked to reserve your course, we will send an email to the address provided to us for you to confirm your booking. Once you have confirmed your booking via the sent link, your reservation will be automatically sent to your chosen language school. The language school will contact you within 48 hours to confirm your booking.