Instituto Cervantes

Since 1991, Instituto Cervantes has been the accreditation body for Spanish language schools. The institute lays down the conditions, criteria and requirements school must adhere to in order be accredited. Every three years, school accreditation must be renewed which checks placed on academic capability, premises and facilities, administration and information and advertising. If a student chooses a Spanish language school with Instituto Cervantes accreditation, he/she can be sure of the quality of the program and school and will be advised on the development of their grasp of the language.


Eaquals was founded in 1991 to independently protect those who want to learn a language. It is a British organization that promotes worldwide excellence in the education of languages, offering advice and support to language schools. The quality of schools is checked by Eaquals official inspection scheme ensuring accredited schools meet the quality standards expected by Eaquals. All schools are subject to continuous improvement and are inspected every 4 years ensuring schools maintain a high standard of language education.

International Association of Language Centres (IALC)

Since 1983, IALC has been committed to ensuring that language schools follow the curriculum, provide materials, resources and facilities they have agreed to. Because the main activity of language schools is to teach students the language for the country, the language courses provided must meet students’ needs and offer the best chance to master the language. Frequent inspections are performed and forward planning is required so future courses conform to strict quality standards.